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Fix explains it was only when the island was a tiny dot on the horizon that they fully realized what an ass they had been. He now only had a few choices: Swim to shore which would take multiple hours , starve to death again, multiple hours in real time , or quit the server and never return.

There was no suicide button and he had no gear to kill himself with. Reading this story, the optimist in me hoped that maybe Fix and their friends would find their conscience and head back for their crippled passenger. Word was spreading that we were active and friendly, and so we started getting quite a few applications. I had to travel out of state to be with his family and help with the arrangements, so I handed over some of the control of the guild to a 'trusted' friend in the game—specifically the ability to recruit or ban people from the guild.

I explained what was going on and that I wanted the guild to continue growing by admitting people while I was away. Apparently even a real-life tragedy won't stop some people from abusing power. Xyzzy returned to a terrible surprise. We received a mountain of entries involving Runescape. This MMO is a madhouse of skullduggery, but Jake Brandt's story stands out because he was so hilariously naive as to fall for the same scam twice in a row. As he explains, his pride and joy was his full set of adamantium armor, which was the second-most powerful in the game at the time.

Around that time, Jagex had released special sets of armor that had ornate gold or silver trimming along the outer edges. It was highly fashionable and Jake wanted some. There's just one problem: there was no way to convert normal armor into trimmed armor. Instead of learning this lesson, Jake decided to roll the dice a second time. One of them walked up to me and offered to add gold trim my remaining armor. I don't remember how I could have possibly thought it was a good idea to try this again, but I did.

I even made him swear he wouldn't keep my armor like the last guy. Zed's willingness to think on his feet is astounding. While playing Diablo 2 one day, he found an open public game named "Cody come" and decided to play a trick: He was going to pretend to be Cody. It wasn't Cody, but a random PvPer who immediately turned hostile and challenged the two to a fight. We lost a boat load of gold and this guy was getting very upset," Zed explains.

Then Zed saw his opportunity to strike. It was obviously one of the high end game rune weapons because we were in hell mode," Zed says. I requested trade and to my surprise the trade window opened. I got the item and left the game. Many of the stories we received took place while playing games, but BunnyBot had the unfortunate experience of being scammed through Steam's trading interface.

In my tired, sleep-deprived mind, I figured that Andrew was the kind of guy to do this kind of stuff, and if he tried to skimp me, I could just walk down to his house and chew him out. In my moment of weakness, I traded him my most prized possession. As BunnyBot quickly realized the moment "Andrew" unfriended him and ran off with his Max's Head, "another one of my Steam friends had a very similar screen name to Andrew's. When BunnyBot began messaging him thinking he was Andrew, "the sleazy fuck" played along with it and "pretended to be [his] friend.

They could already be on your friends list, lying in wait for just the right opportunity. A common theme in most of these stories was that the scammer always got away without consequence, but Jirka paid dearly for his scam. Back in , Jirka and his four friends, barely teenagers, got into playing Runescape.

As he explains, they knew very little about the game and spent a great deal of time on YouTube learning how to play. That's when they came across a video teaching how to lure people into the open-PvP Wilderness so you could kill them and take their stuff. They were very excited. Using computers at their school, the five friends decided to give the scam a try.

It was kinda hard and we were just copying and pasting every word we saw in the video. He explains that he convinced his friends to drop everything to come to his aid but only bring their cash so they had more room to pick up his victim's items. Except there was no victim. Earlier, Jirka had used all of his cash to purchase a set of rune armor—some of the best in the game.

When the first of his friends arrived, he immediately attacked and quickly killed him. He yelled at me 'Why did you kill me you dipshit? Over the next few days, Jirka succeeded in pulling the same stunt on the rest of his friends, looting their dead bodies until he had over , gold. I showed it to my friends! This would prove to be Jirka's undoing. Immediately his friends deduced who had scammed them and taken all of their gold. He explains that this all happened at his school in the Czech Republic, and his teachers had to call his parents to come and get him.

At the time, however, no one knew that Jirka had broken his nose. When it moved, it scared her to the death and I went to the hospital that night, we had no car at the time and even no driver license so we had to wake up all of our neighbours and ask them to drive us. But getting beat up wasn't even the worst punishment. Nobody from those friends talked to me that year, and I looked like an ogre because my nose was four times bigger than usual. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Full Stories Headlines. Miri, the Last Draker Update. Vindictus' 12th character has arrived, and she's on fire! The Miri update brings forth the Last Draker, a powerful warrior wielding a massive polearm known as the Dragonspine.

But this new mercenary isn't the only feature with this update. We've improved the Seal of Bravery shop with three powerful Enhancement Stones, added new Secondary Equipment for the mercenaries that have gone without, improved the classic Campfires and more! Miri, the Last Draker. Teide Update Preview. We're two weeks away from Vindictus' next update, and Vindictus' biggest brawler is getting his biggest update yet with the brand new Teide weapon style! New Weapon Style: Teide In the past, Hurk's been known for being as subtle as, well, an eight foot long sword pounding a goblin into the ground.

The Teide combat style changes little on that front, but trades the massive greatsword in for a longsword and a heavy shotgun. Hurk's Normal Attacks to strike at foes with the sword, wounding them and making them more vulnerable to further strikes. Meanwhile his Smash attacks will fire his shotgun, dealing massive damage to enemies in front of him at close to medium range. As mighty as the shotgun is, it still needs shells to shoot.

These shots can be loaded one at a time during a dodge or right before a shotgun blast, or two at once when using the Dodge command while standing still. Teide Weapon Skills Like all of Vindictus' mercenaries, Hurk's new weapon comes with a plethora of new abilities. Hurk's Passive Skills will let the warrior tear into his foes. This includes Lacerate, where a sharp blade can open up gaping wounds in the enemy, preparing them for the shotgun's finishing blow, and Shotgun Mastery, opening up more multi-hit Smash combos, letting you get more work done before needing to regroup.

Active Skills bring an additional power boost when you need it most. Active: Split Slash consumes SP as Hurk darts in for a heavy blow, heavily Lacerating anything his blade touches, setting them up for the next strike. It's good to know that your whole family enjoyed reading How Everything Works. Robert M Hello team digit, I am a subscriber, and this is my first letter to you.

I really love Digit but it can be a lot better.

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Applause to the design team for the design and placement of the mag and fast track. The How Everything works section was real cool. I especially loved the How Digit Works article. Make your own Chromebook article was useful and World View is a good addition. Using cartoons in articles was a cool idea that shined in the curious case, but went horribly wrong with Mario.

The full albums, movies and the OSes are a delight. Again, I think you guys have risen above the medi- ocrity of the previous disc content and delivered brilliantly. Oh, and Digit TV is wonderful. You guys got that spot-on. S: Siddharth rocks. S: "Inside Digit" episode was hilarious! Unfortunately, it's not all ringa- ringa roses in Digit Wonderland.

Wit- ness Copy Editing: Laziness Returns. There are typos, grammatical errors no, I'm not talking about misplaced commas. And this when I gave the mag a quick look. It's thick as a tree so will take some time to read. You guys could feature Digit humour in your "whatever happened to" section. Oh wait, you've removed that too.

Ah the nostalgia- Gender Benders, Digit Diary, 30 days with I wish you hadn't flushed these down. But I'm getting distracted. The standards of copy editing have dipped, your tongue- in-cheek humour is gone, dragging the mag from great to just very good. If you think it's a mute point, have a look at your previous issues espe- cially the Enter and Exit pages. Well, that's it. Oh, I almost forgot- How the hell did you guys manage three magazines and two Fast Tracks in one month?! Did you go around Mumbai hiring like crazy? Vartul Srivastava H We didn't hire anyone extra in the Edit team.

It's the same team that makes the issue every month, and a Lot of us are still suffering the Anniversary Issue aftermath. A copy editor has just joined us, and language styles should improve drastically. Robert the stand and there's no doubt that your magazine has the biggest and the best col- lection of articles, but in some parts digit really lags behind from its competitors. To be very frank Chip has a better hand in this section. Once in a while I find reviews of software in your magazine, but that also only anti-viruses. For example Glary Utilities I found it was a part-by-part description of the software and how to use its features, nothing new.

Digit has helped me in many ways that's why I'm writing this letter to you. We simplified it for a while because of complaints from readers saying that they found the tips hard to follow, but I assume you will enjoy this month's cover story. As for software reviews, we decided to stop doing comparison tests of non-critical software, because we were using pages up to tell you what you already know.

It's much more important to know how to use rather than what to use.

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Robert 10 Digit I July 1 www. Watch and edit p HD videos and render high-res photos fast and easy. Play with faster performance, higher resolutions, and the latest technologies. For more information, visit www. Here's the url - enjoy! Read on to find out what went down in Taipei- Team Digit readersletters thinkdigit. The reason is that Computex is all about computing; in essence you have the latest, fastest, flashiest and geekiest computer components on earth, under one roof, vying for your attention.

Well, two roofs to be precise since Com- putex is so huge it requires two venues. The ASUS Padfone is a device that explores one possible convergence between two popular mobile devices — the smartphone and the tablet. With the Padfone, the smart- phone docks inside the tablet to give users an expanded view to suit their tasks.

In effect, it's little more than a docking sta- tion in the The ASUS Padfone converges smartphones and tablets shape of a tablet, but hey, as far as announcements go, a good way to begin Computex. It's a multi-com- ponent technology that brings motion control to the PC. The bundled game Dance- Wall, which gets consumers physically active as they enjoy themselves with family and friends, was developed by Soft- kinetic Studios.

The ROG CG Gaming System desktop has a stealth fighter-inspired case, and comes with a 'Level Up' button on the chassis, to provide an "instant real-time speed boost. Specifications, prices, features and merchants for the products listed. User reviews and ratings. Prices on different on! Log on to www. Enter Less cookies for the Dutch The Dutch Parliament passed a Law that requires a website to take permission from the visitor before storing a cookie on their device.

Report: Violent games reduce crime The incapacitation effects outweigh the negatives of aggressive behaviour stemming from violent games, a research has Led to conclude. Amongst all the regular stuff, we also chanced upon the Danshui concept board based on a fusion of the X58 and X79 chipset while accommodating two processors; one an LGA socket and the other an LGA ! A small glimpse of the future right here. Trend-spotting One of the biggest trends was Android being ported to other devices, the most important from a consumer's point of view being networked HD media players.

While cruising from booth to booth, we came upon several innocuous little booths featuring such prod- ucts. The device shows an Android Fro Yo user interface and it comes with a very unique remote control Air Mouse , which you can wave in the air and see the pointer on the screen. The remote also doubles up as a QWERTY keypad which can be used for typing out long sen- tences by holding the remote control in the landscape mode. Why would you need that? Well the UI has a browser amongst other things.

The other trend was embedded systems. In addition to announcing its Atom, Ivy Bridge and Medfield plans, Intel showcased its use of embedded technology in the field of dig- ital signage. While shopping at a mall the Kinect enabled sig- nage system lets you interact with it using gestures to browse catalogues to get more informa- tion about products.

Imagine you pick up a product from a shelf, an embedded RFID tag lets the screen show you more about how you can use that product. Not only does this add a novelty factor to the otherwise boring digital signages, it also gives the adver- tisers hard num- bers which will give them an idea of their return on investments.

You can also use your smartphones to receive e-coupons with special offers from the adver- tiser. This was just to get your attention Behind closed doors lies all the good stuff As always at Computex, exhibi- tor's booths have this secret back room where only a few are invited. Yes, we're talking about the "NDA room" where products that the company doesn't yet wish to reveal to the general masses are showcased to a select few members of the media.

On entering, you're first greeted by a big "no photog- raphy" sign board and a bevy of interesting products lined up along the wall. The biggest object glistening under the glare of the lights was the humongous Cosmos II case. Almost like a cupboard, it features a slot backpanel, 11 HDD bays, fan controllers, a carry grip and the works. While we're not allowed to reveal too many details, ZOTAC has quite a few interesting products in store.

The VIA one is the budget option. But we doubt they'll name it that though. Let's wait and watch. Q 14 Digit I July 1 www.


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Stop to think of it and you'll realize just how universal and eloquent the language of colours is. Red stands for passion, anger, love. Green signifies new life, nature, wealth. Well defined associations lead to faster recognition of a message than the written word. Everybody wants to win Gold. As a business, you too can harness the power of colour to create a stronger impact. Using the power of colour to sell The best brands across the world harness the power of colour to create a desired response in their customers' minds.

Red for dynamism, blue for stability, splashes of bright colours to denote vibrancy. If you run a home or small business, you too can use colour to your advantage. It's the world's smallest colour laser printer and one of the planet's most energy efficient 2 Print black and white at that same cost as that of a black-and-white printer! Printers like the HP LaserJet Pro CP Colour Printer indeed offer the best of both worlds - the impact of colour to boost your business and the affordability of a black-and-white printer for black and white prints. The most visible colour is yellow.

Individual product configuration and usage will affect power consumption. Adobe shares more info on its Flash Builder Google Refines Search; Halts Street View in Bangalore G oogle has come up with yet another advanced feature called Instant Pages that predicts the link users wants to use and begins fetching its data - even before the user has clicked on the link. The new feature, expected to save sec- onds on search query time, is based on Google Instant, which furnishes search results even before the user has finished typing the query or pressed the enter key This feature is likely to be included in the newest test version of Google Chrome browser.

The feature will be available to Chrome users initially. Currently, only English vocals are accepted. Google expects to support other languages in the near future. Google "Search By Image" enables users to search for images by just dragging a sample image to the search box. Understanding your request, the search engine goes on a quest for similar images. Google, however, has made it clear that the new image search feature won't support face recognition technology. A little earlier in the month, Google also unveiled flight schedule search.

Ever since news of Google's acquisition of ITA, last year, we were won- dering when we'd see something in the flight search domain. These are just a your browser onsecure, part of what experts like signed pages. With all to call "social engineering this going around, we tricks," scareware preying can't help but feel the by deception. Unwary virus package won't be enough. Per- haps, even richer flight options and searches, as well as price searches.

Now, all you need is to decide on a destination, and when you enter a simple query such as 'flights from [source] to [des- tination],' you'll get non-stop flight schedules, or a summary of daily flight details. A full timetable is available as well, in a link entitled "Schedule of non- stop flights. The feature will also allow users to see all the destinations possible from a particular airport, by searching for 'flights from [source]. In other news, Google was compelled to halt its ambi- tious "Street View" campaign in Bangalore after the local police raised objections on the move.

Almost three weeks ago, Google's Street View cars started driving around Ban- galore to take high definition images to provide users a -degree view of streets. Reports said that the local police raised objections to this data collec- tion. Confirming the news, Google said that it was scru- tinising the letter issued by the Bangalore police and has grounded the fleet until the matter is sorted out.

Twitter automates link shortening The automatic version of its URL shortening service, t. Up to two categories can be chosen, out of which one of the category will automatically be selected under the navigation breadcrumb. The screen- shots should be the best visual elements of the application and must give an overview of its look and feel along with sample data, if applicable. You can also put up a snappy video to highlight salient features of the app. In this a transparent padding is kept on all sides of the icon. The background image can complement the overall listing while making allowance for the buttons in the bottom for install and other buttons.

This searcheable description can also include whether the application is free or paid and its pricing. An application without a single promotional image is unlikely to be featured. New features of iOS 5 include a new notification centre with lockscreen noti- fications; the Newsstand, for button on lockscreen; new shutter function for volume up key; new long-press for opti- misation; new image editing options; new split onscreen keyboard; synching, activation, and updating all sans PC, all wireless and on device. Just like BBM, the service is exclusively for iOS device users, and is meant for instant messaging, sharing photos, videos, and contacts.

Push notifications across iOS devices will also be enabled, and group mes- saging is also planned. The app will work over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Next up, is iCloud, considered by some to be the biggest new feature of iOS 5, iCloud is Apple's cloud storage solu- tion, which according to Steve Jobs, "stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. It automati- cally uploads it, stores it, and pushes it. Lastly on the handheld front, Apple, also announced that MobileMe is on its final legs, and no new enrolments are open; the service would be shut down completely on June 30th, H A lot happened this month in the world of tablets and mobiles, especially at home.

The iPhone 4, launched at the end of May, is also available, and while it can't really compare it terms of sheer clock speeds, still provides stiff competi- tion with its impeccable usability. Both phones are expected to pro- vide large battery life as well. Notable launches among the Indian brands included the Froyo-based Micromax Bling 2 fashion phone for?

El 18 Digit I July 1 www. However, some announce- ments, as well as listings on online retailers, hint that quite a few should arrive soon. Offi- cial announcements include the Samsung Galaxy Tab It however is expected very soon, as HTC has been bringing mobile devices into India much ear- lier than expected. On the global tablet scene, the Asus Padfone concept was shown off - a phone that has a dock in the form of tablet shell. The phone bears a four plus inch display, and when in the dock, powers the tablet - providing the processing power and interface, while the tablet shell runs off its own battery.

The device is expected only in Q3 this year, as is the Huawei MediaPad, a tablet that distinguishes itself as the world's first 7-inch Android 3. The device in our minds also distin- guishes itself as the first Honeycomb tablet not to run on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 proc- essor, like all other such tablets so far - instead, it runs on a dual-core 1. Meant for both tablets and mobile phones and the NGP , the Tegra 3 is supposed to out- perform the current-gen Tegra 2 by up to 5 times, and even out- perform Intel's not-so-ancient Core2Duo desktop processor!

NVIDIA released a per- formance demonstration video which awed the world with its real-time dynamic lighting effects, something that no other chipset in the market even the iPad 2's graphics can offer. The videos also showed benefits of dual-analog sticks on the device, apart from the large 5-inch x OLED touchscreen, rear touchpads, and even the front-facing camera. El 20 Digit I July 1 www. Generator, secondary generator. BGP network with five tierl providers. It's come so far from that mid-previous-century model, in fact, that today there are drives that don't spin at all.

From a growth perspective, market researcher IDC, which last year forecast "tangible" levels of growth within the solid state drive SSD market until at least , expects SSD shipments will achieve a compound growth rate of 54 per cent over the to forecast period. The tremendous improvement in the performance of processor chips, from the early Pentium series to the most recent Intel ix series, has left the hard disc way behind, said Sammy Hsu, a King- ston Technical Resources Group engineer, based in Taiwan.

The SSD, available at capaci- ties ranging from 64 GB to GB, also offered considerably more resilience to such things as laptops falling and sustaining damage in the increasingly mobile world of most corporate users, Hsu said. SSD: The solution The SSD elegantly replaces the conventional hard drive's mag- netic components with non- magnetic, optical and electrical components.

Further, it does away with the moving parts of the hard drive and instead offers a combi- nation of a 'flash' memory device and a 'controller. These solid-state drives, with no moving parts also offer better resilience against vibrations and temperature changes, he said. Upgrading to SSDs could mean a significant increase in the efficiency of an enterprise user's laptop, for instance, Hsu said.

This could come in terms of the time taken for the notebook to boot, or launch an application and so on. Modern SSDs also come with programs that allocate new data writing to the particular chip within the drive that has been least used, for instance, and help ensure that the SSD doesn't wear out easily. They can also be equipped with programs, on the control, that will clean up unwanted files during idle time, or in the back- ground so that the next time a user needs space or needs to access important files that are heavy, chances are, an SSD equipped notebook will make him wait a lot less than the conventional drive.

Adobe has released several major updates since launching this useful software suite about 12 months ago. Adobe team members Sri- hari Palangala and Vyshak Venugopalan demonstrated how you could create and deploy an app across popular platforms such as Apple iOS and Google's Android to even BlackBerry's Playbook - all in under 5 min- utes! With the latest update, Adobe has now supports development, testing as well as deploying AIR applications across the above mobile and tablet platforms. What's new in Flash Builder 4. In fact, there are over templates that you can choose from. With Quick Assist, you have access to code-related operations.

Also, with Flash Catalyst CS5, interaction designers can view projects and collaborate with designers working on other products such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while still monitoring Flex projects. In addition to this, Catalyst provides improved code generation, supports resizing of the UI, and ensures isolation between user interface controls and design modifications.

Finally, Flash Builder 4. The integration of Flash Builder 4. The suite also includes an integrated installer, new project wizards, improved connection to PHP services, and joint debugging workflows. And 48 service centers across India. Digital life 26 The best of both worlds? Featuring a Olive 06HD If you have a rather large collection of CDs and music files and storing them is proving to be a nightmare then the Olive 06HD music server is for you. Tagged as an audiophile's dream, the 06 can store upto 6, CDs or upto 20, HD songs, All of this can be controlled using a Well, we warned you; reading ahead is at your discretion.

Made of Grade 5 titanium, the Celsius Tourbillion has mechanical parts, of which are for watch movement. The unlocked version is a triband GSM phone with a 3. Let's not get into the price of this one! The Wii U controller has a 6. Much to the confusion and rumours, the controller itself is not a gaming device and needs its console to perform. Price not announced yet. Try whatever power management tweaks you may, but realisti- cally you know in your heart that the notebook won't be with you for more than ten minutes.

What do you do? Nothing really, other than gnaw at your fingernails till you're left with stubs for fingers. Unless of course your notebook was a hybrid computing device, like one that's based on Cupp Computing's PunkThis module. In this case, you could easily flip a switch and instantly start working on an ARM-based OS, like a modified version of Android 2. We'll get to that in a bit, but first a background for those who came in late. The story so far The two operational scenarios we described above PC on x86 and Android on ARM are the result of two distinct underlying platforms that have been at war for sometime.

Thus far both factions of this brewing war have had distinctly marked out territories with x86 domi- nating the performance market, and ARM resulting in shipping of unbelievably large quantities of chips for embedded systems and portable devices. The x86 architecture which is used by Intel's processors was designed with some specific goals in mind - performance and manufacturing scalability. Microproces- sors from Intel that are descendants of the chip developed in the late seven- ties are all part of the x86 family. The architecture was quickly adopted and was responsible for the demise of many proc- essors of that era.

Even Apple toed the line worlds? Read on to find out how we may be able to have best of both worlds soon and how the mobile computing landscape may change. This is what makes Intel dominant in the PC and server space, but not in the mobile space because of the huge power consumption demands of the chips.

ARM's architecture, on the other hand, was focused on low power consumption right from the beginning. As for the ARM architecture's shortcom ings? It doesn't do so well with multi- tasking and high performance tasks. PCs, initially, weren't meant to be portable and have only later on begun to focus on power management. Intel's biggest stride in the mobile space came in the form of its Oak Trail platform released recently. Last month at Computex we saw Oak Trail tablets from the likes of ViewSonic which have better performance in terms of power consump- tion - about eight hours - though not nearly as much as ARM-based tablet devices.

So what do we have now? A whole bunch of generic names for devices - MIDs, ultraportables, Pocket PCs, Smartphones - and the lines between them are constantly blurring, as their functions converge. The ultimate goal is to give you as complete a computing experience as possible in a port- able form factor. While we can't say conclusively that PCs are plateauing or even heading towards a decline, what we can say with certainty is smartphones and tablets are on an upward swing. At the same time, no matter how converged devices become, people aren't car- rying that one 'all powerful' device yet.

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Function- specific devices are still what works for Oak trail die most people. Can you 26 Digit I July 1 www. Killer looks, superior performance, cutting-edge DTS-i technology and one big mystery. At least, in Japan. This brings us to the scenario we painted for you at the beginning. What if we could use low power and low performance systems for specific tasks on the same machine? Do you really need a Core i7 when you're just checking mails? The answer is no, but x86 based CPUs cannot throttle down so drastically.

Hence the need for hybrid devices. Curiosity got the better of us when we noticed the MacBook was run- ning Android. Now, Android on Mac- books isn't a big deal and neither is dual boot combinations of PT Module various kinds. Hybrid or Multi-Mode Computing allows scalable and task specific com- puting; that is, the correct processing capacity for the task. This allows much greater functionality to be interegrated into a standard PC architecture. The other side of the coin is that today's smart devices phones and tablets lack the utility of the general purpose proc- essor that the PC provides.

Thus making productivity difficult with these devices. This switchable scenario is made pos- sible by an SoC module having an ARM processor that fits into your x86 platform based netbook's 2. In essence, PunkThis offers the ability to combine a low power consuming ARM processor with a full-fledged PC experi- ence offered by a high performance Intel x86 processor. The idea is simple: switch instantaneously to the Android OS when performing simple tasks such as browsing. And should you need to make a Powerpoint presentation, flick a switch and you're in Windows using up all the precious wattage and processing power you require.

In a mixed usage scenario, a Punked system can run on Android for about 20 hours at a stretch. In the best case scenario, it can run only Android for a mind-boggling 40 hours on a single charge with another low power PixelQi screen mod. Further to which we suspect economies of scale that come with mass manufacturing may bring this price point down considerably. A reference platform that is essentially open, will result in some interesting designs and cutomisa- tions from OEM and ODM partners.

Besides this, the SoC module as part of a desktop enclosure has its uses for devel- opers to test apps on. As a stand-alone computer it can be used as media centre, terminal or connected device. When used in conjunction with a desktop, PunkThis provides an ideal instant on, low power system to check mail and surf the web. Arm Cortex al5 Developers gain the ability to target the ARM v7 code base on physical hardware while retaining the functionality of a desktop environment. What's next? All of this sounds promising but could there be game changers in the offing that could make even this hybrid format redun- dant?

Intel keeps making announcements about better low- power consumption processors for mobiles but analysts believe they still have a long way to go. We see the two warring factions making in-roads into each other's territories here. Also, because of the close association between x86, Intel and Microsoft, even the platform is popularly called Wintel. With this announce- ment, x86 loses its biggest ally and the Wintel banner may finally fall.

The new version of the world's favourite OS will work with natively-com- piled ARM code and would require some work with respect to drivers, controllers, 10 buses etc. But proof of concept was seen. Could Windows 8 then be the OS of choice for today's landscape where demands on computing systems is high and portability, power efficiency is a must? With Eagle core chips or those even further down the ARM roadmap we could have full computing devices that are Windows based, powerful, run cool and the best part; have battery life in the region of 40 plus hours.

Also, if it's Windows playing ring-master the rest of the players in the ecosystem - application and hardware peripheral makers - will easily toe the line and dish out software and drivers for the instruction set very quickly. Whatever the outcome, it'll be inter- esting to watch how events unfold.

H 28 Digit I July 1 www. Charge up and Rock out to your choice of music. Wilh I be free Music Mix app you can now shuffle songs from both players and Seamlessly share each other's music without skipping a beat. Best of all, the Alter Lansing name means d crisp, deaf sound to put your groove. We all spend several hours on it, but do we really know how to make the most of it? Vishal Mathur vishal. Social Net- working read Facebook, Twitter, and then some has made a space for itself in our lives.

Here are some tips to help you slim down, widen out and secure your entire social experience. TweetDeck helps save time, integrates multiple timelines into one, and makes replying less of a pain. Click on the Account tab on your FB home page. Here you can set who can see what on your profile relationship status, posts, photos, etc. Tweak your security settings on Facebook Select visibility from four options- eve- ryone, friends, friends of friends and customise.

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The customise setting lets you select exceptions such as a list of friends. First is "Secure Browsing https " and the second is "send me an email when an unrecognised device tries to access my account". So Facebook lets you see how your profile looks to a particular friend? You can quickly revert to the old one. Open the first picture in a series in a new tab you will go back to the traditional method of viewing pics.

Delete them! Select each app, and define what data it can access, or delete them completely. The rest of the smartphone community can use WhatsApp on their phones. The messenger gets registered via the sim-card, and instantly con- nects to everyone on your contacts list who is registered on WhatsApp. Tag them in that post itself. To tag, write " " and then the friend name. You will see the name get highlighted in blue once the tagging is complete. You can reply to that from the email itself and the comment will be added to your tagged photo.

If you aren't getting these mails, activate email notifications in the account settings. Psst this is a great way to get around office-wide Facebook blocking. Once installed, click on the icon, copy the shortened URL into the post and voila! Save characters and time. It is designed to optimize performance, boost productivity and give you an edge over others.

It is what we call the Kingston Edgeperience. Nash David nash. We look at how you could enrich your life by using some productivity tools. They need to enter this code and their set up will be complete. This is a one-time setting. Now, for each task that you set on the Calendar gets pushed as an email or text message by Google Sync, for free! In fact, the others don't have to login to a computer. Xobni for Outlook If you use Outlook to manage your email communication, install the Xobni plugin, and you'll have access to Face- book, Linkedin, Xing, insightful statistics about your nature of interactions with your contacts and much more, without even accessing a browser.

If, you don't use an email client, and are wondering which one to choose, we'd recommend Thunderbird. Go to www. However, Thunderbird has some useful plugins too. You can use Lightning and Google Calendar for Thun- derbird. In the get Add-ons tab, search for Lightning and install the application from the list. Next, install Pro- vider for Google Calendar. Restart Thun- derbird once for the changes to take effect. Save this ICS file on your com- puter. On the left bar, you would see your Calendar name. Below the name are two options: Add, and Set- tings.

Click on Settings, and import the ICS file from your computer. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the XML icon next to private address and copy the address. Select On the network and pick Google Calendar. Paste the XML link your just copied here and click Next. You may modify the name of your calendar if your choose to, but proceeding works fine too. Enter your Google login details, and you're done.

Now your tasks and events would also stay up-to-date! You can then select SMS notifications from Google as your default settings. Whether you have a bike, car or home loan, if you have taken the loan at a fixed interest rate, and you have fixed your tenure, then you don't have to rely on EMI calculators.

You can build one yourself. You need three quantities: the interest rate generally specified as per cent per annum , repay- ment tenure, and the loan amount. Type these in three cells. To set up each mobile, your family mem- bers would have to go to their individual Calendar settings page. One example is at bit.

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If you want to change the currency from the default dollars to Indian Rupees, right-click on the cell, click Format Cells. In Number tab, with Currency selected, click on the Symbol drop down and select Rs. English India.

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Batchgeo maps all the addresses from a spreadsheet onto a map using Google Maps with markers. To use Google Calender, register your mobile phone by going to google. Turn them off whenever they are not in use. A major cause of battery drain is in the process of establishing a signal and signal reception. Minimize the screen's brightness and use black themes since maximum power is used in displaying a bright white screen. Keep your devices out of a heated up car and other such places. It will enter a period followed by a space. For your WiFi connection, check the option to "use static ip" to enable the manual entry of a DNS in network settings.

A quick work around is to make the browser identify itself as a desktop agent instead of a tablet or smartphone. In most tablets, go to browser settings, go to advanced and change the user agent string setting there. In some browsers, you need to write about:debug where you enter the web site address and then proceed with the above steps. There are a plethora of apps that work only when your phone is rooted.

We warn you though, that doing so will void your warranty and if the procedure goes wrong, you may end up with a use- less phone. Wait for a red slider to appear. Don't slide it. Buy a Chirag Greenputer and get a free backpack. Hold down the home button and the app will force quit. Give it a try. You'll see the screen 'flash' white and hear a 'clicking' sound.

Now open the Photos app and you will see the image thumbnail. GMAbooster is a small, lightweight program that overclocks or underclocks your onboard Intel k a GMA graphics card allowing it to run at a faster or slower frequency. It offers upto 2. This will be especially useful when playing HD videos or for playing games and saving battery resources on a lean netbook.

Select Disable Compatibility Mode. Now the app will fill the screen and the touch screen will work like it should. Note: this tip works with select BB devices only. Try it on your BlackBerry phone. Helps doesn't it? For BB phones, as of now, there are certain virtual machine software that are trying to make this work, like Alien Dalvik that will enable android apps on Symbian, BlackBerry and a host of other platforms. The data can be synced between a number of mobile platforms, tablets and PCs. Get the android app on the DVD.

Also check out other paid services: dashwire. Addresses and con- tact info of landmarks are searched, visiting cards are automatically made into contacts, text is not only optically recognized but also translated etc. The most useful feature that the program possesses, is that the images taken can be uploaded to a FTP server, just in case the Netbook was stolen, or some violent crime took place in front of your laptop. It also makes your phone ring loudly in case you misplace it and also displays a message on the homescreen with instructions on how to return it to the owner.

It supports backing up all your contacts, memos, bookmarks, messages etc automatically over Wi-Fi and restore it when needed. If your flight's delayed or your connection changes, BlackBerry Travel will automatically push notification alerts to your device to keep you informed. Other tools also included are currency converter, weather forecast for your destination, local search to find what you need and the BlackBerry Travel Web Portal, you'll be well-prepared, even for multi-leg journeys.

Complete your browsing experience on the go by getting the iSwifter app that claims to enable Flash content for the iPad. Now Flash video and Flash based games too should be within reach. There's also a list of supported games and sites that you can check when you install the this app. It also lets you download metadata and covers for the pdf.

Visitor Management is an internationally accepted safety practice.

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However due to A plethora of hardware peripherals, operator training, support issue, high running costs etc, many implementations run into troubles. The running cost is just around 1 cent per visitor! Call us today for a live demonstration. Mumbai Bangalore - Delhi Hyderabad - Pune - Chennai- Email - visitex gmail. Layar displays digital information called "layers" into your smartphone's field of vision.

It doesnt require any account set up or additional hardware, since it works on a technology called linccer that will work on any kind of internet con- nection. This way you don't need to buy a sepa- rate 3G USB dongle. Some Android phones already have a WiFi hotspot option by default. For the rest, there's Wireless Tether.

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It is one of the best arguments to root your android phone. Read on to amplify your life! Jayesh Shinde Jayesh. Shinde thinkdigit. In the subsequent dialog box, click on 'Select Play mode' dropdown and select 'Convert'. In the next screen, click on the profile dropdown to select the output video's file format. It's as simple as that. Now you can sit back, relax and start controlling your movies from your couch. It traces a line as your finger moves from key to key and finally writes the word. Although its not available on the Android market, it comes bundled with some Motorola and Samsung devices.

On the other hand you can underclock your phone to get more battery life and run your CPU at a lower speed. Obviously, your PC needs to be connected to a network to try this tweak. If it doesn't auto-detect your PC, manually enter the IP address and port number in the app's settings panel. Enjoy the good life. It's a lightweight open source video player that pulls subtitles for your movies auto- matically from the Internet - and it does that really well. What's more, the player also lets you tweet what you're watching.

A minor gripe: the player is mostly made for a Chinese audience and its Englisl localisation is haphazard at best Digit I July 1 www. Enter MiniLyrics, a long- sought but little known solu- tion for this irritating problem. You'll need to be connected of course. It lets you play practically any song on earth for free.

It also scrobbles the song, that means they get added to your play count and add to the building of your musical taste which in turn lets you discover more music. You can play pause shuffle and control volume right there in your browser and use keyboard shortcuts to play any song on Last.

Winamp has a. CDG plugin which lets you become a karaoke star within minutes. The free CDG plugin detects when a CDG file is played and gives you accompanying scrolling text for a number that is devoid of vocals. But when you use these players to play HD on your netbook, there's a better chance of the video playing smoothly vis-a-vis from a different player. J Gaming Tweaks Hardcore or casual, gaming is something we all like.

This section will tell you how to get the most out of your rig. Jayesh Shinde and Anshuman Sanghvi readersletters thinkdigit. Still they're akin to figuratively tightening your machine's hardware or software screws. Proceed with caution. You need to make sure you disable as many unnecessary services to avoid lag while fragging your opponent. In the list that appears right-click on any entry to disable its status in the subsequent pop-up window.

Copy the RAM clock speed, you'll need it in the next step. Now go to the BIOS and look for memory configuration set- ting. Disable the default RAM profile. You have to now adjust the memory multiplier by typing in the RAM clock speed or by default overclock options built into the board. Always increase the clock speed which match that of higher- clocked retail RAM sticks of the same type - for e.

Save the setting and exit the BIOS to check if your system boots and runs efficiently. Locate the clock speed sliders for your AMD or Nvidia graphics card and tweak the settings with small increments of 5 MHz or so. Never increase your GPU's clock tim- ings in generous proportions. Reboot the system, and stress test by playing a game. Why wouLd you want to do that?

WeLL because its freakin cooL! A rule of thumb is never to allocate more than 50 per cent of your total RAM. You can press and hold the PS button to bring up the indi- cator that shows your pad's charge. But many don't know that the PS3 is a very able DVD player with in-built upscaling so that all your dvds are upscaled to HD - a feature that old dvd players don't have.

Now you just need to flick the cable's switch to Standard Defini- tion but connect the composite yellow cable to one screen and the component the red, green, blue cables to another. If he's dressed in red and white instead of his traditional red and blue togs you can make him chuck fireballs with the A button. Windows 8 Ul transformation pack Want to try out Metro UI with its flashy tiles and transition on your Windows 7 machine?

Siddharth Parwatay with inputs from Anshuman Sanghvi siddharth. At the same time if there is a smarter way of doing things who wouldn't want to use it? Installing is a simple process too. Dump the. While Deskretary can be an end of the month push button solution to clean up the desktop after a month's accumula- tion. In Deskratary you start with a wizard the first time the application launches. So what do you do? Once installed double click on the taskbar icon to change settings. The only setting you really need to change is the keyboard combo.

Just run the. This will launch the calibration utility. Click Next and use sliders to make adjustment. Choose the option that looks the best at each stage. Either too heavy, too many restrictions on the free version, or easily detectable, etc. It has many other uses too. For example by installing MojoPac on your iPod and installing iTunes on it, you can directly import music from any computer. Though these settings can be accessed though a maze of menus and sub-menus under control panel, it's really convenient to have them Digit I JuLy 1 www.

Lets you discover previously un-known system options. Once installed, on first use you need to decide the kind of formatting and space that you want to allot. Now you can use it like a hard disk partition and open up large files which take a long time to load up such as database files, page files, Photoshop psd files, scratch disks etc. Interestingly, the software claims to detect memory over 4GB on 32 bit systems. Beware though, since RAM is volatile memory, unless you save an image of your partition contents, they will be permanently gone once you shutdown or remove that partition.

The disk cleanup utility right- click on the drive and go to Properties, select the General tab helps clear out a lot of clutter on your disk. Here you can choose to clean up office and service pack installation and backup files. Under the Startup tab deselect unneces- sary programmes. Of course you do want some programs to run at Startup but there's no reason for them to make calls on your CPU all at once and right at boot. If you have to work on a Pentium 4 generation PC you would want to squeeze out whatever juice you can out of it. Over- clockers of today have it far too easy with unlocked multipliers and base clocks in the BIOS.

Most chipsets of that era won't allow such tweaks. Be warned this is an advanced user tip and further research will be required. Trickery for Web Fanatics Self-confessed cyber junkies rejoice! Here are a few tricks to speed up, enhance and streamline your web experience Abhinav Lai and Anshuman Sanghvi readersletters thinkdigit. Use different browsers for different scenarios since they are free anyway. For example, Firefox has certain great add-ons while Opera is stable and has versions for the mobile and tablet too that can be synchronized with the desktop ver- sion. Chrome on the other hand is fast catching up due to its speed and sim- plicity.

Safari is, well, Apple! While Internet Explorer still the last resort. We recommend that you always keep your browser updated to get the latest features and security fixes. However, certain add-ons or features that worked before may be incompatible with the new updates. In this case, keep the old version! You can even have a full screen experience if you want. Look for options in the preference menu under tools in some browsers or the spanner button for Chrome. Chances are you are already familiar with Greasemonkey extension which allows custom scripts to run on Firefox that enhance the usability of a site.

Check out userscripts. J Did you know Chrome's incognito pages allow a user to surf the web without worrying about leaving traces of personal information on a computer? Click on Personal Stuff and set up Sync on your Chrome browser. All your bookmarks and extensions and more will be synced across different computers, as long as you use Chrome with your Google ID. If you aren't in the habit, we suggest inculcating one. Use iGoogle googLe. You can also visit My Favourites to create your custom start page - without an account.

Others Promise. Deepu Dinesh Mr. Ajai Narasimhamurthy Mr. Rajesh K Joseph Mr. Suvesh Sachan Mr. Syed Taukir Nassar Mr. Mohammad Imran Khan Mr. Sumit Kumar Mr. Muthu Arun Mr. Join it! Port Forwarding thus gives a very good speed boost especially when downloading from torrents. Setting up a high number can speed up a light website whereas a lower number will load up parts of a heavy page and then load up the rest as you browse the original part.

To do this go to about :config, and modify "network, http. You can check if your router is compat- ible with these firmwares. Schedule your downloads using down- load managers like Flashget. You can add any gadget available from any website just like in iGoogle, such as stock quotes, comic strips etc. Look for "Labs" in the settings of you Gmail account. You can then add or remove columns or related information as well as share your fact data. The 3DS is a rather different gaming console and Engadget is asking its users to come up with ideas on what they would like to change in the next version of the device.

The comments section on this article makes for an interesting read. But apparently the world's first coins with QR codes will start circulating in the Netherlands at the time of going to print. What will they link to? Initially the the national mint, but after June 22 will link to a "surprise.

Apparently, new brain implant tested on rats restored lost memories at the flick of a switch. Apart from curing Alzheimer's this may even result in real life memory stores of the future. The personal computer. The smartphone. The radio. You know the greatest gadgets of all time and you've probably owned most of them , but which has changed the world more than any other? You will be surprised Does it all really matter? Find out what does research says about extending battery life of your gadgets.